SHER Membership 2014


Please click on the red button to fill out Savannah Heritage Emergency Response (SHER) membership form. Membership is free. As a member of SHER, you also receive the following benefits:


  • Membership is kept apprised of potentially hazardous situations as they are developing via Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) Assessment Teams through our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) representatives.
  • Your site will be documented as a critical facility by CEMA.
  • Access (via phone) to our EOC representative during a disaster or emergency.


  • Quarterly meetings and other workshops will inform you about important disaster planning and mitigation topics.


  • Our Google Group enables us to contact each other efficiently.
  • SHER website:
  • Develop important relationships with local emergency personnel and first responders


  • Freezer space at CEMA during individual disasters
  • Freezer space at Base Camp during major disasters (government agencies and collections only)
  • Access to disaster recovery vendors through the state contracts
  • The SHER team at Base Camp during a major disaster

Thank you,

Laura Seifert, SHER Chairperson

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