We have been working behind the scenes to ensure that SHER continues its vital functions despite poor attendance at our workshops. After a meeting with the Coastal Museums Association (CMA) Executive Board, we are proposing that SHER become an affiliate of CMA through a Memorandum of Agreement.  In essence, we are proposing the following changes:

  • The SHER membership drive will be folded into the CMA membership drive. This mean less paperwork each year.
  • SHER membership will continue to be free and available to any CMA member as well as first responders, CEMA officials, and related businesses.
  • One CMA program per year will be devoted to disaster response training and information.
  • SHER will also conduct one or two independent trainings or workshops as demand dictates (i.e. the CEMA Hurricane Conference).
  • Starting next year, two Co-Chairs will govern SHER: a Liaison to Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) and a Liaison to CMA.

We are going do use the MOU on an ad hoc basis for the first year to see how it works. If we proceed with the MOU after the first year, then we will make the appropriate changes to the by-laws.

Please review the proposed Memorandum of Agreement and vote on whether it should be implemented or not.

Laura Seifert, SHER Chairperson

Invitation to City of Savannah Hurricane Exercise

Click for an overview of the exercise, including a tentative agenda

On April 28th, the City of Savannah will be holding its annual Hurricane Exercise at the Savannah Civic Center (8:30am-2:30pm). This year, the exercise includes four breakout groups, including one intended specifically for historical and cultural sites to discuss their plans, concerns, and intentions for re-entering and assessing facilities in Savannah after a major hurricane. An overview of the exercise, including a tentative agenda is available for download at the top of this post. We would really like to have representatives with hurricane planning responsibility from all of Savannah’s historical and culturally significant sites represented at this exercise. Please make sure this message is forwarded to the appropriate staff with your organization.

To RSVP for the exercise, please send an email to Dan Stowers, Emergency Management Director for the City of Savannah, at

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing many of you there!
Luciana Spracher, Director
City of Savannah, Research Library & Municipal Archives

SHER Membership 2014


Please click on the red button to fill out Savannah Heritage Emergency Response (SHER) membership form. Membership is free. As a member of SHER, you also receive the following benefits:


  • Membership is kept apprised of potentially hazardous situations as they are developing via Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) Assessment Teams through our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) representatives.
  • Your site will be documented as a critical facility by CEMA.
  • Access (via phone) to our EOC representative during a disaster or emergency.


  • Quarterly meetings and other workshops will inform you about important disaster planning and mitigation topics.


  • Our Google Group enables us to contact each other efficiently.
  • SHER website:
  • Develop important relationships with local emergency personnel and first responders


  • Freezer space at CEMA during individual disasters
  • Freezer space at Base Camp during major disasters (government agencies and collections only)
  • Access to disaster recovery vendors through the state contracts
  • The SHER team at Base Camp during a major disaster

Thank you,

Laura Seifert, SHER Chairperson

SHER elections

SHER members!

Please take a moment to vote in the SHER elections for the next 2-year term by clicking here.   Voting will be open until December 25. The slate of officers is:

  • Chairperson- Laura Seifert
  • Vice Chairperson- Debbie Linn
  • Secretary- Lynette Stoudt

In addition, Sherryl Lang has agreed to head the Training & Education Committee, and Caroline Hopkinson will be leading the Membership Committee. Both of these gracious volunteers need some volunteers for their committee. The survey will give you a chance to put your hat in the helping box.