Emergency Response and Salvage App

From Heritage Preservation’s website:

The ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage app is now available for Android users and can be downloaded through Google Play. The app was first released in April 2012, for Apple devices running on iOS 5.1 or later. Since its release in the App Store, ERS has been downloaded more than 1,800 times! The app provides the same reliable content found in the original Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel. ERS makes the Wheel’s invaluable guidance accessible to anyone who is in need of practical advice for saving collections in the first 48 hours after a disaster. Coming soon, ERS for BlackBerry, an updated Apple version for all iOS platforms, and ERS in Spanish!


Cruise ships & Savannah

Savannah’s City Council is considering a cruise ship terminal in Savannah. One study has been completed, and another, more in-depth study is  under debate.  See coverage in the Savannah Morning News here.

How will this affect our sites? Are there any potential threats? Or is will this help our economy? Charleston recently added a cruise ship terminal, which prompted the National Trust for Historic Preservation to put Charleston on their first-ever watch list.

More resources for understanding the positive and negative implications of installing a cruise ship terminal can be found on the National Trust’s website:

  • The Cruise Industry in Charleston: A Clear Perspective– The Historic Charleston Foundation commissioned an impartial analysis of the positive and negative, short-term and long-term, economic, employment, historical, architectural, and cultural impacts of the cruise industry on Charleston. Published by Miley & Associates in April 2012 and funded in part by the National Trust, pdf version
  • Preservation Progress– history of the cruise ship industry in Charleston, by the Preservation Society of Charleston

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Other resources:

Red Cross Hurricane App

Red Cross now has a Hurricane App for iphone and Android. From their website:

The official Red Cross Hurricane app

Be ready for severe weather with Hurricane by American Red Cross. Monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out – a must have for anyone who lives in an area where a hurricane may strike or has loved ones who do.

SHER wins Heritage Preservation’s May Day prize!

By submitting a description of our May Day activity (going to CEMA’s Hurricane Conference), we entered a drawing to win disaster supplies.

And won!

We won a React Pak™, which contains the basic supplies and equipment needed to cope with water damage. Contents include aprons, gloves, boots, mops, plastic sheeting, and a Rescube® Disaster Recovery Carton. We hope this is the kernel we need to start of our SHER disaster supplies cache.

Congrats SHER!

SHER: Savannah Heritage Emergency Response



Savannah Heritage Emergency Response group is a constituency of public and private non-profit sites, institutions and collections, first responders and emergency management personnel  formed to bring together personnel from these entities to implement and maintain heritage emergency planning, networking, communication, and disaster response measures.

Approximately 70 heritage sites in Chatham County, including historic structures, landscapes and archaeological sites, documentary collections, object-based collections, and natural science living specimen collections are members and have been identified on electronically maps.

This website will be a source of information for SHER members.The site will list upcoming events, training opportunities, and have files available for download. Enjoy!