SHER/HERA Mutual Aid Agreement

A long-simmering project has now come to fruition. We have developed a mutual aid agreement with our sister organization in Atlanta, Heritage Emergency Response Alliance (HERA).  A copy of the mutual aid agreement is available here: SHER-HERA-Mutual-Aid. Please review it and then vote on whether we will adopt this agreement. 


SHER News Blasts

Sign up for SHER “News Blasts” by clicking on the button below. Users of the old Google Group do not need to sign up again- your membership transferred to the new group.

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SHER Membership 2014


Please click on the red button to fill out Savannah Heritage Emergency Response (SHER) membership form. Membership is free. As a member of SHER, you also receive the following benefits:


  • Membership is kept apprised of potentially hazardous situations as they are developing via Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) Assessment Teams through our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) representatives.
  • Your site will be documented as a critical facility by CEMA.
  • Access (via phone) to our EOC representative during a disaster or emergency.


  • Quarterly meetings and other workshops will inform you about important disaster planning and mitigation topics.


  • Our Google Group enables us to contact each other efficiently.
  • SHER website:
  • Develop important relationships with local emergency personnel and first responders


  • Freezer space at CEMA during individual disasters
  • Freezer space at Base Camp during major disasters (government agencies and collections only)
  • Access to disaster recovery vendors through the state contracts
  • The SHER team at Base Camp during a major disaster

Thank you,

Laura Seifert, SHER Chairperson

SHER elections

SHER members!

Please take a moment to vote in the SHER elections for the next 2-year term by clicking here.   Voting will be open until December 25. The slate of officers is:

  • Chairperson- Laura Seifert
  • Vice Chairperson- Debbie Linn
  • Secretary- Lynette Stoudt

In addition, Sherryl Lang has agreed to head the Training & Education Committee, and Caroline Hopkinson will be leading the Membership Committee. Both of these gracious volunteers need some volunteers for their committee. The survey will give you a chance to put your hat in the helping box.


Emergency Response and Salvage App

From Heritage Preservation’s website:

The ERS: Emergency Response and Salvage app is now available for Android users and can be downloaded through Google Play. The app was first released in April 2012, for Apple devices running on iOS 5.1 or later. Since its release in the App Store, ERS has been downloaded more than 1,800 times! The app provides the same reliable content found in the original Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel. ERS makes the Wheel’s invaluable guidance accessible to anyone who is in need of practical advice for saving collections in the first 48 hours after a disaster. Coming soon, ERS for BlackBerry, an updated Apple version for all iOS platforms, and ERS in Spanish!


Cruise ships & Savannah

Savannah’s City Council is considering a cruise ship terminal in Savannah. One study has been completed, and another, more in-depth study is  under debate.  See coverage in the Savannah Morning News here.

How will this affect our sites? Are there any potential threats? Or is will this help our economy? Charleston recently added a cruise ship terminal, which prompted the National Trust for Historic Preservation to put Charleston on their first-ever watch list.

More resources for understanding the positive and negative implications of installing a cruise ship terminal can be found on the National Trust’s website:

  • The Cruise Industry in Charleston: A Clear Perspective– The Historic Charleston Foundation commissioned an impartial analysis of the positive and negative, short-term and long-term, economic, employment, historical, architectural, and cultural impacts of the cruise industry on Charleston. Published by Miley & Associates in April 2012 and funded in part by the National Trust, pdf version
  • Preservation Progress– history of the cruise ship industry in Charleston, by the Preservation Society of Charleston

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Other resources: