During a Disaster

Northeast Document Conservation Center 24/7 Emergency Helpline: As part of its Preservation Services program, NEDCC offers an emergency assistance program for institutions and individuals with damaged paper-based collections.  Disaster Assistance Hotline: 978-470-1010

Midwest Art Conservation Center: The MACC staff is available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days a week to give immediate assistance with disaster recovery efforts. Call the main phone number, 612-870-3120, and you will be directed to a staff member immediately or to an after-hours emergency phone. For non-urgent issues, MACC email is answered during the day: info@preserveart.org

These communications and assistance are free and can provide you with condition assessment information and advice regarding the proper care and handling of damaged or at-risk art and artifacts. MACC also maintains a cache of disaster supplies when the on-site assistance of MACC conservators is essential to a collections’ recovery. MACC’s on-site disaster recovery assistance is a fee-based service dependent on travel and time. (based in  Minneapolis)

American Institute for Conservation: AIC’s 24-hour assistance number is 202.661.8068 for advice by phone. Call 202.661.8068 to arrange for a team to come to the site to complete damage assessments and help with salvage organization.

Statewide Contract for Document Recovery: available to State Agencies, Local Governments, Libraries, Non-profits. Information from the Georgia Archives. Also see the powerpoint file in the box at right.

The Disaster Mitigation Planning Assistance Website: search for resources by state, multiple states nationally or by type of service, expert or supply. The results of your search can be downloaded into an Excel document for easy updating of your institution’s disaster plan.

Northern States Conservation Center: buying disaster supplies and conservation materials

The new CEMA Re-entry Hotline number is 1-855-880-2362 and is toll-free.  The re-entry hotline is a valuable communication tool for residents who have evacuated to seek shelter outside of Chatham County.  Local media outlets, shelters, as well as CEMA will be distributing information; however, the re-entry hotline is another way for our residents to gain re-entry information following an evacuation. The number is solely for re-entry information.  This line will not be used for the dissemination of storm information, damage reports, and other disaster information.

Monitor storms on:

Information on Major Disasters”  from Heritage Preservation’s.To contact Heritage Preservation about an on-going disaster:

Fill out the Task Force damage and response reporting tool.