Interfacing with Emergency Management

COSTEPThe COSTEP Framework is a planning tool designed to bring together cultural resource institutions with emergency management agencies and first responders. It will provide a blueprint for preparing for area-wide disasters and building alliances with federal, state, and local emergency management agencies.

Alliance for Response: Alliance for Response is a national program on cultural heritage and disaster management. Through a series of local Forums, it builds bridges between the cultural heritage and emergency response communities before disasters happen.

Alliance for Response Toolkit This Tool Kit contains resources to help plan Alliance for Response Forums, work with emergency responders, identify allies in your community, and help sustain local disaster networks. Find program templates, essential contacts, project ideas, and funding sources.

Integrating Historic Property and Cultural Resource Considerations Into Hazard Mitigation Planning: State and Local Mitigation Planning How-To Guide (FEMA 386-6 / May 2005)